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1.4 Bibliographic Remarks

Many books discuss aspects of parallel processing at varying levels of detail. Hardware aspects of parallel computers have been discussed extensively in several textbooks and monographs [CSG98, LW95, HX98, AG94, Fly95, AG94, Sto93, DeC89, HB84, RF89, Sie85, Tab90, Tab91, WF84, Woo86]. A number of texts discuss paradigms and languages for programming parallel computers [LB98, Pac98, GLS99, GSNL98, CDK+00, WA98, And91, BA82, Bab88, Ble90, Con89, CT92, Les93, Per87, Wal91]. Akl [Akl97], Cole [Col89], Gibbons and Rytter [GR90], Foster [Fos95], Leighton [Lei92], Miller and Stout [MS96], and Quinn [Qui94] discuss various aspects of parallel algorithm design and analysis. Buyya (Editor) [Buy99] and Pfister [Pfi98] discuss various aspects of parallel computing using clusters. Jaja [Jaj92] covers parallel algorithms for the PRAM model of computation. Hillis [Hil85, HS86] and Hatcher and Quinn [HQ91] discuss data-parallel programming. Agha [Agh86] discusses a model of concurrent computation based on actors. Sharp [Sha85] addresses data-flow computing. Some books provide a general overview of topics in parallel computing [CL93, Fou94, Zom96, JGD87, LER92, Mol93, Qui94]. Many books address parallel processing applications in numerical analysis and scientific computing [DDSV99, FJDS96, GO93, Car89]. Fox et al. [FJL+88] and Angus et al. [AFKW90] provide an application-oriented view of algorithm design for problems in scientific computing. Bertsekas and Tsitsiklis [BT97] discuss parallel algorithms, with emphasis on numerical applications.

Akl and Lyons [AL93] discuss parallel algorithms in computational geometry. Ranka and Sahni [RS90b] and Dew, Earnshaw, and Heywood [DEH89] address parallel algorithms for use in computer vision. Green [Gre91] covers parallel algorithms for graphics applications. Many books address the use of parallel processing in artificial intelligence applications [Gup87, HD89b, KGK90, KKKS94, Kow88, RZ89].

A useful collection of reviews, bibliographies and indexes has been put together by the Association for Computing Machinery [ACM91]. Messina and Murli [MM91] present a collection of papers on various aspects of the application and potential of parallel computing. The scope of parallel processing and various aspects of US government support have also been discussed in National Science Foundation reports [NSF91, GOV99].

A number of conferences address various aspects of parallel computing. A few important ones are the Supercomputing Conference, ACM Symposium on Parallel Algorithms and Architectures, the International Conference on Parallel Processing, the International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, Parallel Computing, and the SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing. Important journals in parallel processing include IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, International Journal of Parallel Programming, Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, Parallel Computing, IEEE Concurrency, and Parallel Processing Letters. These proceedings and journals provide a rich source of information on the state of the art in parallel processing.

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